In Development

In Development

This latest publishing project is way, way different from anything that’s come before.

Most people know me through my various publications of books, audios, and videos on business and communication.

Well, that's about to change.

You know how you sometimes hear a great love story that is so compelling that you think it would make a good book or movie?


That’s how everyone responds when they hear ours:  “…and you’ve just got to publish it, and I can’t wait to see the movie!”

My wife and I have an absolutely unbelievable… yet absolutely true… love story.  And it’s on its way to becoming a published memoir.  It begins the moment I first laid eyes on her… in her fiancé's living room!  (He was my client at the time, and hasn't hired me to give any speeches since I married his fiancée.)  

Hold on a minute! Our romance didn't transpire in the way you’re most probably assuming. In fact, it happened in a way you can’t even imagine.

We began an email romance... but not until a year after we had met. By then, she was living in Australia, having left her fiancé (my former client) months before. After an intense twenty days of torrid email exchanges (which you'll read verbatim in the book), she left Australia and came to live with me. However, there are lots of twists in the story, and a very powerful underlying theme.

It's a true love story, and almost all of the characters have given us permission to use their real names. It would be quite a feat to create a fictional romance as intriguing as our real one. Our truth really is stranger than any fiction.

Honey, I’m Home will be published in 2014 and I'll make sure to post news updates when it's available.

You’ll really love the story.