I seek to span the globe in both my professional and my personal life.  For 34 years, I’ve been presenting keynotes and workshops for businesses ranging from Microsoft and Starbucks to dental groups and entrepreneurs. My business-boosting books are published in multiple languages throughout the world. On stage, I combine tales from my global travel adventures in 107 countries (thus far, as featured in USA Today), with my broad knowledge about running profitable, customer-centered businesses. 

I’m called the "Traveling Twain of the 21st Century." And, like Twain, I aim to deliver potent, practical lessons for commerce and for life in such a fun way that they sorta sneak up on you.

My wife and I move to and live in a different country every year, and reside there for a full year, learning about the local culture.  So, you can be pretty sure I’m not your normal tunnel-vision business guy.

Welcome video length: 1:40

  • Global adventures in 107 countries (so far)
  • Professional keynote speaker
  • Author of books published worldwide
  • Media appearance from USA TODAY to the BBC
  • Lives in a different country every year
  • Happy

Presentation Preview video length: 09:55

  • Inducted into speakers "Hall of Fame"
  • Certified Speaking Professional designation
  • Clients range from Starbucks, FedEx and Microsoft to dentists and entrepreneurs
  • 30+ years of experience, yet always "fresh" material
  • Riveting onstage

George on YouTube

  • Tips on how to communicate more positively
  • Adventure travels from Himalayas to Thailand
  • World Heritage Site visits from Jordan to Sweden
  • Musing from two-dollar bills to karma-building trash
  • A few surprises