Ethics Policy

Ethics Policy

What You Can Expect

1) Your privacy is important.

I will never distribute, release, make available, sell, or share any personal information that I obtain from e-mails, phone calls, conversations, presentations, or any interactions with clients or their guests. This is intended to cover any possible situation that may occur.

The key point is: I respect and protect other people’s privacy.

Find details at: Privacy Policy.

2) I use only my photos in everything that I do.

This includes my articles, blogs, photo classes, presentations, and website.
Thus I never “borrow” other people’s photos.

3) My photos and content are my intellectual property.

Everything on this web site is protected by copyright. I put my signature on the photos to signify that I own them and to discourage people from copying them.

In addition, my talks are my intellectual property. If someone wants to make copies or recordings, we need to sign a contract that defines how my material will be used.

4) All my photos were taken in ways that showed respect for Nature.

None of my photos caused any harm to wildlife or their environment.
I stay a safe distance from birds, nests, and critters. I watch where I walk to avoid stepping on plants.

5) All my photos are taken on my world adventures.

I take the best photo possible, and then perform minor adjustments.