Hall of Fame

Why “Hall of Fame”?

In the world of professional speaking,
there are two sets of initials that matter


“Hall of Fame” is an award that the National Speakers Association bestows upon a maximum of five professional speakers each year.  You can’t apply for it or earn it.  Only current Hall of Famers can nominate a potential inductee when they recognize exceptional talent.  The full name of the award is “C.P.A.E.” for “Council of Peers Award for Excellence.”

I’ve been inducted as a lifetime member of the CPAE Hall of Fame.


The other set of initials can only be “earned” by amassing a track record of experience. 

This designation is the “C.S.P.” for “Certified Speaking Professional.” Rather than an award for excellence, the CSP is a designation that proves you’ve been speaking professionally for many clients in many circumstances over many years.  And, in my case, in many countries.

I’ve also earned the CSP.


So, to ensure that you hire a speaker with both recognized platform excellence and proven professional experience, you want a speaker who’s both CPAE and CSP.

There aren’t many of us.

I’d like to speak for you.  

George Walther, CSP, CPAE