Inspiring Creative Living

Inspiring Creative Living

I inspire my audiences to “think differently,” pursue their passions,
and spark creative solutions to their organization’s issues. I’d like to present for you:


How to Live and Work with Passion and a Sense of Adventure

We all get stuck in ruts. We wish things were different; fresher; more invigorating. In business, we tend to face the same old issues that undermine productivity and rob us of profits… in the same old way.

This presentation is all about shaking things up in our business and personal lives so we can better create, market, nurture relationships, and innovate.

What’s stopping you and those with whom you work from getting the most out of life? What’s blocking creative new approaches to resolving old issues? 

Refuse to live a routine and undistinguished life. This presentation will inspire you to seize every day as an invitation to leap over obstacles. Whether you’re launching a new marketing initiative, spurring your work team to the pinnacle of productivity, or infusing your personal relationships with renewed passion, this is your jump-start program.

Your success in thriving, overcoming business challenges, and triumphing over personal crises hinges upon your ability to:

  1. Communicate clearly, confidently, and positively
  2. Cultivate an adventuresome, creative spirit, and, of course
  3. Nurture your customer, colleague, and personal relationships

Delivered by a renowned business expert, this presentation combines first-hand global adventure stories with frontline tales from the jungles of commerce. The result? A practical action plan you’ll begin implementing even before you leave the room.

Client Benefits and Audience Takeaways

  • The next roadblock you encounter will be transformed. It will become an invitation to discover creative ways to unravel what you thought was a tangled mess.
  • You’ll quickly develop rapport and open, productive communication channels— even with confounding co-workers and cranky customers.
  • Everyone you share your life with will feel uplifted and will in turn uplift you.
  • You’ll identify obstacles and excuses that have prevented you from making your dreams come true and learn to blast right through them.
  • You’ll leave the room with an action plan and a commitment to take specific steps forward—NOW—toward attaining your professional and personal goals.
  • And, you and your organization will recognize and capitalize on the opportunities every economic climate presents.

George Walther

Your Presenter & Adventure Guide

When it comes to seizing adventure and living life fully, George “walks his talk.” Descended from famous American cannibals (really), he made his 13th trip around the world at age 25 and has gone on to vagabond his way through 107 countries. At the peak of his thriving career as a business authority, with books and training programs published around the world, he declared a decade-long hiatus to pursue a higher priority: single-handedly raising his now- teenaged daughter.

Organizations that rely on creative-thinking, problem-solving teams, including Microsoft, FedEx, and Starbucks, turn to George for a perfect balance of solid business expertise and riveting entertainment. He brings his extraordinary life experiences, an engaging storytelling style, his gift for clear and captivating communication, and his breadth of business background to your platform. The result is a hilarious, quirky, passionate, and profoundly motivating presentation that will leave you determined to make the most of your own life.