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Many of my audiences are sales and service organizations that want to improve sales and profits, while ensuring that they service existing accounts so well that they’ll never lose them. Sometimes it’s front line “customer contact center” reps in the audience; other audiences are top-performing salespeople being recognized for outstanding results; and sometimes it’s senior level marketers.

All Sales, Service, and Marketing professionals share the common goals:

  1. Acquire the right kind or profitable new customer relationships,
  2. Nurture those relationships to ensure highly-leveraged profitable future interactions,
  3. Salvage relationships that have suffered damage from service failures or competitive onslaughts.

All of my Sales, Service, and Marketing audiences want the same thing:  Practical strategies and techniques, right down to verbatim phrases, that they can immediately employ for profitable results.  So, may I present for your audience:

Upside-Down Sales, Service and Marketing

How to claim your easiest profits before tackling tougher sales.

Topic and Audience Summary
A profit-producer for all sales and sales management personnel, including face-to-face professionals, as well as Customer Service reps. Marketing leaders benefit, as well. Consumer and business markets; car loans to computer hardware. Particularly appropriate for relationship-oriented situations, including professional services.

Upside-Down Marketing helps all sales professionals view their customer relationships as profit opportunities, and re-focus their attention where the profits are greatest. A vivid visual analogy reminds salespeople that they all have three jobs to perform:

  1. Win customers with an initial sale;
  2. Retain customers with ongoing attention, cross-sales, referral gathering, and updates; and
  3. Salvage lost relationships.

This program corrects the most common strategic flaw in selling: marketers typically focus too much attention on the first job — which is also the least profitable, lowest-payoff use of time. Very few sales organizations dedicate sufficient attention to the second, far more profitable job of keeping customer relationships active. And almost no salespeople pay enough attention to the third job, which is the most profitable opportunity of all. This program turns prioritiesupside-down to capture the easiest profits first. Easily remembered, step-by-step systems, together with an Action Step Summary, ensure follow-through.

Client benefits and audience takeaways:

  • Refocuses sales attention on the most highly-leveraged sales opportunity: increasing profitable sales to existing customers.
  • Shows sales organizations how to boost results without increasing activity. More profits from less work sound good to you?
  • Provides both the rationale and the easily-implemented procedure for converting raging complainers into fiercely loyal fans.
  • Builds customer satisfaction and generates referrals.
  • Upside-Down Marketing is equally popular with young, "green" sales forces and seasoned pros who have become set in their ways. 
Hewlett-Packard, for example, brought together all European sales managers in a special session to realign sales priorities for maximum profit. FedEx imbued its marketing management team with upside-down thinking, too.

George Walther

Your Sales, Service and Marketing Authority

George Walther is an acclaimed expert in the personal development field with books, audios, and videos published worldwide. Available in many languages, his business guides include: Phone Power, Power Talking, Upside- Down Marketing, What You Say Is What You Get, and Heat Up Your Cold Calls.

His sound and effective business advice has appeared in publications as diverse as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the Ladies Home Journal; media appearances range from the BBC and CNN to Regis Philbin!

Delighted clients include Microsoft, American Express, Ford, Starbucks, FedEx and a host of world-class organizations that rely on creating outstanding communication cultures.

Any expert’s advice is of little value unless he can grab and hold your attention. George is uncommonly riveting on stage. He’s been honored as a lifetime inductee in the Speakers Hall of Fame and also holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation. Most important, though, his audiences are involved, entertained, and they laugh a lot!