Currently Available Works

All of the business books, audio programs, and videos
I've had published in the last three decades focus on the same goal:

I want to help you communicate more powerfully in business, and in life.

You'll find various titles available in many places on the web just by Googling my name. Or, visit Amazon and search by my name with my middle initial: "George R. Walther". This will minimize hits on the various handgun, flashlight, and gramophone items that come up for some strange reason when you omit the “R.”


Or, go ahead and just have an adventure by poking around, where you’ll find a book about the historic organs of Portland or The Battle of Dorking!

 In the future, I will post links here so that you can easily acquire my various published programs that will be most helpful.  In the meanwhile, I invite you to find them directly on your own at Amazon or elsewhere while I go off on my next adventure.

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