Powerful Language

“What You Say Is What You Get”

Nearly all of my published work in the realm of business involves positive communications. Whether you sell to prospects, manage a team, serve customers, or simply want to develop better relationships in business… and in life, there’s no skill that’s more important than the ability to communicate superbly.

Complimentary Resources

As companions to my Power Talking and What You Say Is What You Get books, videos, and audio programs, I offer these resources with my compliments:


To see what I mean, just start by substituting the “Power Talking” phrases in place of these 13 common words and expressions that undermine your communication effectiveness.  


There are certainly more than 50 word substitutions that enhance your ability to project a positive image, create more cooperation, and give yourself mental and verbal advantages in life and business. 

Download this PDF chart as a starting point and simply substitute the suggested “Power Talking” phrase at every opportunity.