Reach Me Now

Reach Me Personally Right Now

You don’t really think I’d use an automated reply robot or employ a staff of email answerers, do you?  I will personally see what you send me, and you’ll hear back directly from me.

Two things I ask you to keep in mind

  1. I do it all myself.  There’s no team of typists in Pakistan preparing boilerplate emails.  If your subject is “Want to hire you for a speech now” I’ll be back to you rapidly.  Otherwise, give me a day or two, please.
  2. I adventure a lot.  If I’m out in some third world village, or onboard an Antarctic voyage, I may not get your message for days.  Yes, I have a backup system for someone to get back to you if it’s urgent, and I will personally respond as soon as I can.


Here’s how to reach me

The Very Best Way



Email is convenient 
I travel and move frequently, so this is the most convenient, reliable way to reach me. 
I’ll find an internet connection somewhere.

Phone follows me

My USA phone number, 1-425-255-2900 will forward to wherever I live right now.
Of course, I’m probably in a very different time zone, so I may get your message by voicemail in the morning.

Good, Old-Fashioned Mail

My office address hasn’t changed for years, though my residence changes a lot.  My physical mail is bundled up and forwarded to me every couple of weeks:

George Walther
Speaking From Experience®, Inc.
6947 Coal Creek #100
Newcastle, WA 98059 USA