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Please contact me for appearances, interviews or articles in these areas of expertise:

International Adventure and Travel

Often exotic adventures in 107 countries so far, ranging from business conferences in Dubai to tribal gatherings in New Guinea. I’ve hitchhiked on every continent except Antarctica, spoken at business meetings in many countries, and experienced cultural immersion in many lands.

Uncommon Lifestyles

My wife and I move to a different country every year, rent a furnished apartment there, and fully experience the local culture for a full year. We want to drink in the cycle of seasons and festivals. We take turns choosing where the following year’s domicile will be, and have developed quite a system for finding where we want to live. 

So far:

  • Seattle
  • Whistler, Canada
  • San Diego
  • Nice, France
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Monaco
  • Penang, Malaysia is up next

Fathers with Custody

I made the decision to be a full-time single father my daughter was 5 years old. For the next decade, I rearranged my life so that raising her was my top priority and placed my career “on hiatus.” Her mom had moved out of the country. I learned a few things about parenting and know how it feels to be the only male at the school bus stop each morning.

Business Communications

My many books and audio/video programs are published around the world in multiple languages. This is the central focus of my business career and I can expertly address almost any angle.

Sales and Customer Service

From the early days of telemarketing (before it became a dirty word) to my current books in the sales arena, I’m well versed on how business professionals can sell most effectively.


Organizations ranging from Ford, Microsoft, Starbucks, FedEx, Amex, Washington Mutual, and the FDIC, to small entrepreneurial businesses call on me to improve the way they serve their customers.

Professional Speaking

It’s been my sole vocation since 1980 and I hold the highest awards and designations in the profession, including lifetime standing in the National Speakers Association’s CPAE “Speakers Hall of Fame.”

But, what does expertise matter if your guest doesn’t know the ropes? 

I’m well-attuned to my hosts’ needs, adhere punctually to time deadlines, supply question guidelines in advance, and… this is important… am neither a newbie, a prima donna, a dominator, nor am I shy in front of a camera or microphone.

Please contact me at 425-255-2900 to arrange appearances.

Prompt replies to email, too:

I’ll be pleased to appear on your television program, participate in radio interviews, and contribute to print publications. Since 1980, my broadcast media appearances range from CNN and the BBC to radio programs across North America.

My work has appeared in a very wide range of print publications including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, and a broad spectrum of business publications.