Power Talking

Communicating Powerfully

There’s no single skill that’s more important in life than mastering the ability to communicate superbly.  There’s a lot more to it than being clear, concise, and grammatically correct. There’s a specific language of success that the most successful people seem so speak innately. But this language can be learned, and employed very positively in your business as well as your personal life. I’d be pleased to share it with your audience by presenting:

Power Talking:
What You Say Is What You Get

How to Master The Language of Success

Most people acknowledge the power of positive thinking. Few, though, translate positive thoughts into verbal action. It’s what you say, and how you say it, that gets you ahead in life.

Recent scientific studies have shown that the way you speak dramatically influences your success in business – and in life. Nothing is more important than superb communication skills when it comes to advancing your career, winning and keeping customers, negotiating agreements, strengthening personal relationships, and resolving disputes.

Power Talking is a system of using common words to create uncommonly positive outcomes. We now know that “power talkers” sell more, live longer, healthier lives, and achieve their career and personal goals faster. In this program, participants learn to identify powerless, self-sabotaging phrases in their everyday conversations and discover powerful replacements that generate superior results.

The Action Plan focuses on nine Power Talking principles to implement daily. This “language of success” helps all people who talk! Senior management, supervisors, admin staff, sales and service personnel, and spouses – everyone can improve their communication effectiveness using George’s tactics.

Client Benefits and Audience Takeaways:

  • More positive, productive communication that ensures you’ll say what you mean and get what you want.

  • Smoother conflict resolution, higher sales, better cooperation with customers, vendors, subordinates and peers.

  • Enhanced self-image that results in projecting far more favorable first––and ongoing––impressions.

  • This topic has widespread impact both on and off the job, so position Power Talking for maximum exposure. It is an ideal general session or opening program, especially when paired with a follow-up seminar as a breakout session for sales or customer service personnel, or for your leadership team.

George Walther

Your Communication Authority

George Walther is an acclaimed expert in the personal development field with books, audios, and videos published worldwide. Available in many languages, his business communications guides include: Phone Power, Power Talking, Upside- Down Marketing, What You Say Is What You Get, and Heat Up Your Cold Calls.

His communication advice has appeared in publications as diverse as the Wall Street Journal and the Ladies Home Journal; media appearances range from the BBC and CNN to Regis Philbin! Delighted clients include Microsoft, Starbucks, FedEx and a host of world-class organizations that rely on creating outstanding communication cultures.

He doesn’t just communicate with businesspeople in North America, though. His lifetime of communication adventures includes travels in 107 countries... so far, as featured in USA Today.

Any expert’s advice is of little value unless he can grab and hold your attention. George is uncommonly riveting on stage. He’s been honored as a lifetime inductee in the Speakers Hall of Fame and also holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation. Most important, though, his audiences are involved, entertained, and they laugh a lot!